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Lead Times?

Custom Order:  Most orders are custom orders! Our lead times are dictated by the amount of orders we have and the availability of certain supplies. We strive to turn around orders in an estimated 14 business days (M-F). We will do our best to update lead times on our home page banner. This does not apply to special one off custom orders. these would discussed prior to ordering and lead time established at that time. 

ReadyShip: These items are generally complete or built to a certain point were we can have them shipped in 24-48 hours if ordered on a weekday.

We do not answer emails as to when your orders going to ship, that are made during our estimated lead time period. If you need an item by a certain date that needs to be established prior to placing an order.

How do I select my belt size?

Pant Belts: DO NOT use your pants size. Often pant sizing is 2-4” smaller than actual measured size. Measure through your pants loops, this is the measurement we will use to size the belt. Most of our belts have an approx 4” range. Generally we size so the belt will not go much smaller then this measurement and approx 3” over to accommodate concealed carry. Carrying a firearm IWB on your hip may require an additional 2" where carrying appendix may not require much more adjustment. If you need a larger adjustment range just let us know in the special instructions.

Outer/Inner Belts: If you’re ordering an outer belt for competition or duty, you would measure outside your loops and over your inner belt. If your loading an outer belt up with a large number of mounting accessories then this will need to be taken into consideration and noted in the special instructions section.

For All Belts: if you want more adjustment and do not mind having additional tag end length, we can do that for you.  You’re responsible for getting us the correct measurement so when in doubt just drop us an email here Contact Us 

Do I use the Cobra/Quicky buckle like a normal leather pants belt?

Yes and no. Many people think that you set the size on the belt and from there on out you just thread the belt on daily. In some cases this is not possible since the Cobra buckle itself is larger than the belt size it was made for. A 1.5" Cobra buckle is actually just over 2" wide and will not fit through some smaller jean/pant belt loops. In this case you would thread the belt through your loops then through the buckle (much like the common riggers belt). Once threaded into the pants it’s a matter of opening and closing the buckle halves. Many of your BDU style pants as well as your casual cargo pants and shorts will easily handle the buckle if they have 2” belt loops. Belts larger than 1.5” generally will need to be threaded through your belt loops then through the buckle.

Hook/Loop Lining.

Hook and loop is more commonly called Velcro, which is a brand of hook/loop (hook is the rough scratchy side, loop is the softer side). Lining a belt with either means you're covering the inside or outside with that material. If you select the "Velcro style" tag end management, we cannot line the outside portion of the adjuster strap that folds back over onto itself. The layers of hook and loop make it to hard to thread the adjustment strap through the buckle on a regular basis. For a range/duty use only belt this is not an issue as you often set the size and leave it.

What is tag end management?

Tag end is the tail end or end opposite of the buckle. The most common way to manage this end if often with velcro but other prefer an elastic loop. Using an elastic loop can let you thread the tag end back in behind holsters, mag carrriers etc where hook and loop will not permit this.

What does make it lite/stiff mean.

Standard belts (other than the AllWrap) use a double layer of webbing.

Lite belts use only a single layer of webbing and offer more flexibility

Stiff belts are reinforced with a plastic insert and are often used for outer belts only. The 1.75" Contender uses a more flexible webbing than all of our 1.5" and 2" belt and will give you and "E.D.C. Stiff" option that is appropriate for a daily use pants belts.

AllWrap belts are most commonly used as a inner belt of a 2 belts system and are made with a stiff single layer that will suffice for IWB carry to and from the range till its time to put on an outer belts. These belts can be built as a stiff belt with a double layer and will have more structure like a standard carry belt.

Are all colors and material listed always available?

We try to keep everything in stock but there are times when distribution chains and manufacturers just simply run out, vary colors, change/discontinue designs or do not have them on their production schedule. In cases like these we will contact you as soon as we notice there is an issue with availability.

Do you do small modifications or added on to existing products?

We may be able to accommodate certain changes to existing products for the same or additional cost of an item. Please Contact Us prior to ordering and we can discuss additional cost

Do you do prototyping, one offs, branding or limited edition runs for industry partners ?

This is the best part about being a small builder. I have the time and the desire to build the solutions you need. One offs are always welcome and the worst I can say is "sorry that's something I can't do". We can help move your prototypes from paper to an actual product or pre-production sample. If you would like a product branded for your business, agency or department we can help.  Contact Us and we can work through it with you.