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SB Brace SwiftTQ Carrier (BLACK)

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Product Description

The SB BRACE SwiftTQ carrier is a solution to carrying a variety of tourniquets (TQ) inside the pocket of the current generation of the SBM4 brace. The tourniquet is supported by 5" MIL-W-5664 wide webbing elastic which provides a firm hold. Scuba webbing serves as the foundation and all is held in place with a 2" nylon strap secured with hook and loop. The "bump" deployment system partially ejects the tourniquet allowing one handed ambidextrous extraction. The carrier can be set up to eject the tourniquet out either end but ideally out the rear. Tourniquets should be staged that no protrusions on the tourniquet interfere with its extraction and the mounting strap should not be over tightened.

We recommend compactly flat folding all tourniquets in order to offer the lowest profile with the cleanest deployment. Instruction for staging, flat folding and the proper use of most tourniquets can be found through various resources online.

The SwiftTQ is perfectly suited to the SOF-TT-Wide and will work with various generations of the with CATs. CAT tourniquets work best when folded into the windless catch in order to keep it as low pro as possible. We recommend folding your TQ to the approx length of the windless bar (generally 5.5-6"). Remember, there is no substitute for proper training and practice.

The SwiftTQ is sold as a carrier only and does not include a tourniquet.


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Best Way to Carry a Tourniquet 08:10

We all know that tourniquets can save lives but it is an item that is consistently left out of our everyday carry because of limited carry options. Lunar Concepts has come up with a solution. The Swift TQ Carrier is low profile carrier for virtually every TQ on the market. Besides the ability to carry tourniquets, it can also be used to carry survival tins, other medical items, radios, snack bars, and a number of other things you can think up. This is possibly the best TQ Carrier on the market currently. Please hit that subscribe button and tell us what you think. Lunar Concepts: https://www.instagram.com/lunarconcepts/ http://www.lcequipped.com/ Wise MenCompany: http://wisemencompany.com/ https://www.instagram.com/wise_men_company/ https://www.facebook.com/wisemencompany/

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    We all know that tourniquets can save lives but it is an item ...

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